A SaaS product providing firms a solution to capture and manage their leads and assigning the leads to outsourced sales affiliates
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Taylor was a high-level personnel in an Australia-based industrial firm. The firm had an internal tool, developed by traditional developers, used for allocating their excessive leads to their sales affiliates. Having talked to a few close partners, Taylor and the team realized that the internal tool could be commercialized and sold to various firms, as the partners expressed their interest in the product and the use cases.

However, after months and months of work and huge costs, the coders team couldn’t get it to work. It was simply too complicated to manage and upgrade the legacy code base to fit the new requirements, especially with the given technical stacks. The coders team finally abandoned the project, leaving Taylor with finding a way to continue pursuing the realization of the product.

That was when Taylor turned to no-code and reached out to CitizenDev.

The objective

After researching for a while, Taylor decided Bubble was the best tool for the product. Trying out Bubble himself, he found out a lot of things such as database structuring were out of his reach. He talked to the CitizenDev and got consultation on the technical side.

At first, the aim was simple - to replicate the current state of the internal tool while improving the UI/UX aspect. The product consists of a few straightforward features, influenced by GetAssigned:

  • Creating and managing leads.
  • Adding team members and external sales affiliates.
  • Assigning leads to the team members and sales affiliates.

The idea was to get the product rolled out as soon as possible. Taylor also learnt Bubble along the way to help with making small changes.

The solution

CitizenDev’s team after a week of digging into the requirements and scoping, kicked off the project with the Agile approach. The approach helps cutting down a lot of the initial time for scoping requirements and help the product get rolled out quickly.

The development was alongside the continuous conversation between the team and Taylor. With the direct guidance from Taylor as the product owner, and the lean team where direct conversations between Taylor and the developers, the product was completed in less than 3 months, ready for testing.

Afterwards, the team continuously worked with Taylor to roll out more and more features and improvements. The application now contains a lot of impressive features that wouldn’t be able to be brought about so quickly if the traditional code was still used, such as:

  • A native form builder to build embeddable forms used to capture leads;
  • Auto-assignment to sales affiliates;
  • Complex reporting;
  • Internal task management;
  • Auto-reminders sent to affiliates via email and SMS;
  • SaaS payments integration with Stripe;
  • and so on.
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