Growth Hub Asia
Micro-consulting platform for Asia Start-up
$5000 - $10.000
4 weeks
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  • General Information:
    • Product Name: Micro-consulting platform for Asia Start-up
    • Product Type: Web App Development
    • Project Size: $5,000 - $10,000
    • Timeframe: 4 weeks
  • Client Background: 

Our client operates Growth Hub Asia, a micro-consulting platform that facilitates on-demand advice from verified and experienced local entrepreneurs and industry experts to startup teams across Asia.

  • Objective:

The primary objective is to create a comprehensive platform that allows for efficient and effective communication, consultation, and collaboration between entrepreneurs, industry experts, and startup teams. The platform aims to streamline the process of mentorship, advice, and growth strategies for startups.

  • Our Solution:

Our solution is a multi-faceted platform that caters to the needs of Admins, Mentors, and Mentees. It is designed with various functionalities to ensure smooth operations and interactions. The platform will be developed using the latest technologies to ensure ease of use, responsiveness, and efficiency. It will also incorporate integrations with Stripe for payments and a user messaging system for seamless communication.

  • Key Features: 
    • Admin Features: User management, mentor application management, and support/ticketing management.
    • Mentor Features: Login, registration through an application form, a mentor booking system, and user messaging.
    • Mentee Features: Login, a mentor booking system, a team management system, and user messaging.
    • Mentor Registration: Mentors will fill an application form detailing their areas of expertise, previous experiences, years of experience, and professional profile.
    • Mentor Booking System: The system will allow viewing of upcoming and previous meetings, rescheduling and canceling of meetings, setting available times, and payment confirmation upon booking.
    • Mentee Booking System: Mentees can view all mentors, filter and search mentors, book time and length of meetings, reschedule and cancel meetings, and review mentors after meeting completion.
    • Admin Management: The platform will allow for mentor application review, support/ticketing management, admin management, mentee management, mentor management, booking/meeting management, and subscription package management.
    • User Messaging System: The platform will support sending text, attachments, and emojis, and ending sessions.
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Micro-consulting platform for Asia Start-up

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