Job Seeking Web App Development
4 weeks
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  • General Information: 
    • Product Name:
    • Product Type: Job Seeking Web App Development
    • Project Size: < $5,000
    • Timeframe: 4 weeks
  • Client Background: 

Our client is the operator of, a unique platform designed to revolutionize the job-seeking process. The platform focuses on enabling job seekers to find suitable companies that align with their values, culture, and vision, rather than the traditional method of posting job descriptions.

  • Objective:

The main objective of this project is to create a platform where job seekers can search for companies they want to work with, rather than focusing on specific job roles. The platform aims to provide a more holistic approach to job seeking, considering the importance of company culture and values in addition to job specifications.

  • Our Solution:

Our solution is a comprehensive platform developed using Bubble, a no-code platform offering quick turnover time, lower costs, easier maintenance, and reduced risk. The platform will be fully responsive to desktop and mobile devices, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices. It will also incorporate Sendgrid for email integrations.

  • Key Features: 
    • Basic User Functionalities: These include login and registration, email verification, user onboarding, and profile management.
    • Job Seeker Features: Job seekers can view all listed companies, configure their preferences, view company details, save companies to their list, and favorite companies.
    • Employer Features: Employers can create a company profile, claim existing companies, manage company information, and view statistics such as profile views, favorites, and redirects.
    • System Admin Features: The system admin can manage users, invite new system admins, manage companies, create new companies, and approve claim requests.
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