Recruitment Management Mobile App
4 weeks
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  • General Information: 
    • Product Name: Staffee
    • Product Type: Recruitment Management Mobile App
    • Project Size: < $5,000
    • Timeframe: 4 weeks
  • Client Background: 

The client for this project operates in the pharmaceutical sector, specifically targeting pharmacy owners who often require temporary staff to fill vacant positions or provide relief to existing personnel, which is common among pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, and pharmacy students.

  • The objective: 

The primary objective of the project is to streamline the recruitment process and facilitate professional networking between pharmacy owners and potential temporary staff. The ultimate aim is to efficiently fill vacant positions or provide relief to existing personnel promptly. 

  • Our Solution

After careful analysis and consideration, we adopted Bubble as the main developing platform for the quickest turnover time thanks to its leverages: faster development, lower cost, easier maintenance, and reduced risk.This project has also been worked on with regular and in-depth analysis between our team and the client, to establish 8 key backbones that feature our project development. The final product is a professional networking application, which is divided into two sections: Worker (Staff) and Employer (Owner), allowing employers to list a job opening, and the worker has the option to view this listing and accept the job offer if they are interested. This new platform will also ensure a streamlined user experience and cater to the specific needs of both parties involved. 

  • Key Features: 
    • Onboarding: The app provides a user-friendly onboarding process for both workers and employers.
    • Owner Adds a New Job: Employers can easily post job vacancies detailing the specifics of the role.
    • Staff Views Jobs: Workers can browse through available jobs and choose those that they are interested in.
    • Staff Applies for a Job: Workers can directly apply for jobs through the app.
    • Owner Accepts a Job: Employers can accept applications, thus filling the vacancies.
    • Owner Fulfills a Job: Once a job has been fulfilled or completed, the employer can mark it as such on the application.
    • Job Cancellation: In the event of unforeseen circumstances, both the staff and the job owner can cancel a job, providing flexibility to all parties involved.

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